Monday 2/19

A man came to the Clark County Dog Shelter with a black reverse brindle female dog, and said he found it at a car wash on Home Rd. two days ago. HE said he took the dog home to try to keep her but she became aggressive. He was advised that if he was deceiving the Warden, he could be charged. A search of social media verified that the dog belonged to his parents. The Warden visited the parents and they verified that their son had taken the dog. The man was charged with Falsification and Abandoning Animals.

Saturday 3/3

To the 2700 block of Folk Ream Rd. for a report of two English Bulldogs in deteriorating condition. The Warden met with the resident who said that the female bulldog had died, but upon gaining access to the residence by another resident, the Warden saw the dog. Both were dehydrated and emaciated. The woman admitted ownership of both dogs. She said that both had recently been seen by a vet. The dogs were taken and checked by a veterinarian. The vet reported that the female had body sores, very low body weight, severe emaciation and an ulcerated, bleeding mass on her abdomen. Blood work indicated poor nutrition or blood loss. She had foreign matter in her colon consistent with the ingestion of cat litter. She ate ravenously while in the vet’s care. The vet reported that the male had a poor body condition, loss of hair on his tail consistent with a reaction to flees and an ear infection. He had “cherry eye,” which is common to his breed but it was untreated which led to more serious eye problems. He also suffered from lack of proper nutrition. The woman was charged with two counts of cruelty to animals.

Wednesday 3/7

A man contacted the Dog Warden’s office about a stray that he found near his home on Jordan Dr. in Springfield. When the Warden arrived, the man said he found the dog the day before and kept her overnight. He signed a Stray Release Form. The warden contacted the apartment manager who said that the dog has been at the residence for some time and that he has seen juveniles walking the dog. The Warden contacted the man who agreed to claim the dog, but had no transportation to get there and no money to pay to redeem her. He was charged with Falsification and Abandoning Animals.

* * *

To Penny Pike for a report of a dog confined in a covered crate in a garage. The caller reported that the dog had been hit by a car and had not received medical care. The Warden and a deputy arrived but were unable to get an answer at the door. German Township Police was contacted to see if they had contact info for the resident. At 3:34, the German Twp Chief called back and said that the resident would let them in to see the dog. The Warden and deputy arrived and the resident said that he was in the shower on their first visit. They went into the garage and found a chocolate lab in a crate with no tray and no blanket. Stains on the floor indicated that feces and urine were left on it for an extended period of time. The owner, after questioning, finally admitted that he only allowed her outside for a few 10-minute breaks each day and only received water when she went outside. He admitted that she had no access to water, exercise or fresh air. He was cited for cruelty to animals.

Monday 3/19

9:30 a.m. – A woman brought a male boxer/pit mix to the Clark County Shelter, claiming that she had found the dog at the intersection of Home Rd. and Derr Rd. The Warden was soon contacted by a man who said that his mother had brought the dog in, and that it was his dog. The woman was contacted and initially denied knowing that the dog belonged to her son. She then recanted and admitted that it was his dog. She was cited for falsification.

Tuesday 3/20

To Oak Rd., Crystal Lakes, for a report of one dog attacking another. The Sheriff’s Dept. advised the Warden that the dog was not confined and was being aggressive to a deputy. The Warden was able to control the dog and place it in her van. The deputy then told her that a neighbor’s dog had been killed. The dog that was contained was a rescue dog, and the rescue organization was contacted and gave the name of the foster owner. She was contacted and said that she knew the dog was running loose, but was unable to catch up with him and gave up because she was late for work. She was cited for failure to control a dog.

Thursday 3/22

To S. Freeman Ave., Springfield, for a report of a dog running loose. The Warden spoke with the RP who had confined the dog. The dog was licensed, but the phone number was not working and there was no house number. The Warden spoke with an employee of a nearby gas station who said that the owner lived on Highland and got out often. The owner was located and was cited for failing to restrain her dog.

Friday 3/23

1:07 p.m. – To the 3000 block of Springfield-Jamestown Rd. for a report of a dog that had attacked a goat. The Warden met with the owners of the goat who said that a husky had entered their goat pen and got one by the neck. He said that he and his wife tried to scare the dog by throwing sticks and yelling, but were unsuccessful. He said he fired his handgun into the ground and the dog ran off. A nearby resident was outside yelling for the dog. The Warden spoke with the neighbor who said he owned the dog, and that it got out of their fence. The owner of the dog was cited for failing to control his dog.