Tyler James Hughes | MIAMI CO. JAIL MUGSHOT

Tyler Hughes, of Frayne Dr., reportedly led Clark County Sheriff deputies on a high-speed chase through residential areas of Park Layne on Friday evening (February 5).

A deputy spotted Hughes driving a Dodge Durango on Gerlaugh Rd., and the deputy knew that he had several warrants.

The deputy followed Hughes, on Stratmore, Weinland, Frayne and Campbell, reportedly at speeds of 75 MPH at times.

Documents filed with the Clark County Municipal Court allege that Hughes tried to lose the deputy by making numerous turns “with disregard for anyone in the area.” The report states that Hughes was fishtailing and driving in a reckless manner.

Hughes reportedly turned onto Campbell from Weinland, ran over the stop sign and went into a yard. He got back onto the road and turned onto Frayne. He then locked his brakes, slid over the stop sign and fled on foot.

The deputy tased him, cuffed him and placed him under arrest for Failure to Comply and Resisting Arrest.

He plead Not Guilty at his arraignment and has his pre-trial on February 20.

Hughes’ warrants stemmed from an incident in Miami County on February 2. At 1:49 p.m., a deputy was sent to a trailer park near Brandt for a report from a woman that Hughes was beating up her daughter. Dispatch reported hearing screaming in the background. The woman told dispatch that Hughes was dragging her daughter outside and ripping her clothes off trying to get her into a Dodge Durango. She said that they left and believed that her daughter was in extreme danger.

The woman said that Hughes is her daughter’s boyfriend and that they have children together. She said that her daughter came to her home claiming that Hughes had pistol-whipped her at their home in New Carlisle. She said that Hughes came to her home shortly afterward and said that she was leaving with him. The daughter said that she wasn’t going to leave. She said Hughes then tried to force her out of a chair and dragged her to the front door. She said she tried to stop Hughes, but he pushed her to the ground injuring her arm. She said that during the fight, her mirror was broken and that there was glass all over the floor. She said the fight continued down a hallway and that her daughter tried to lock herself in the bathroom, but Hughes pulled her out of the home.

The deputy saw evidence of a struggle.

The deputy was advised that Clark County had located the vehicle and the daughter was in it.

The deputy went to Medway to speak with the girlfriend and gave her a domestic violence packet.

Deputy Nick Anderson was on the scene and he said that Clark County deputies were searching for Hughes and had a warrant for his arrest for assaulting someone with a pistol last week.

The girlfriend said that she and Hughes had been together for six years and they just got married last June. She said that she has four children and that Hughes is the father of three of them.

Hughes was arrested for abduction and is in the Miami County Jail.


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