Deputies Beller, Doolin, Gordon & Johnson make a drug arrest on Gerlaugh Rd. Photo by Lauren Michelle Smith

On Tuesday, December 26, Clark County Sheriff Deputies went to 11444 Gerlaugh Rd. to search for Chris Milem. Milem had outstanding warrants for drug possession and for carrying a concealed weapon.

When Deputies Beller and Johnson arrived, the Deputies saw Clifton Ferguson in a car in the driveway. Ferguson also had outstanding warrants. Ferguson then ran into the house and Milem came out. Milem was placed under arrest and put in a cruiser. Deputies then went into the house to get Ferguson. Two individuals in the house said that no one else was there.

The deputy told them that he knew they were lying and began to look through the house. Ferguson was located in a bathroom and was arrested. A woman at the house was asked if anyone else was in the house and she said no. She was standing blocking a doorway. Deputies asked if they could check that room and she gave permission.

In that room, deputies found a safe that had the lock drilled out of it. In the safe were several knives and what looked like a gun. They also found drugs and a scale.

The house was locked down and the K9 was summoned.

Deputy Doolin and K9 Gordon checked the car and indicated the presence of drugs. The car was searched and deputies found meth, a scale, a container with meth residue, two cell phones and syringes.

Milem and Ferguson were taken to the Clark County Jail.

Clifton Ferguson
Chris Milem

A search warrant was obtained for the residence, and the search yielded suspected meth, scales, meth pipes and two stolen motorcycles.

Milem was charged with 2 counts of receiving stolen property.

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