Ron Cobb with his certificate of election

Ronald Cobb has been elected to New Carlisle City Council.

The final vote total put Cobb two votes over Chris Shamy.

The preliminary figures released on Election Night showed Shamy ahead of Cobb by 6 votes.

After the provisional ballots were tallied, Cobb was ahead of Shamy by one vote.

This triggered an automatic recount that was conducted on Thursday, November 30.

When the Board of Elections conducts a recount, they physically count each ballot from one precinct. If that matches the total after provisional ballots are counted, then it is assumed that the other precincts are correct.

After three counts of one precinct, the Board could not come up with a total that matched the total that they had. They hand counted each individual ballot that was cast.

"It's extremely important that we are able to count physical ballots by hand" said David Hartley, member of the Clark County Board of Elections. "There are counties in Ohio that are all electronic. You wouldn't have the backup option to inspect each physical ballot."

The last time the Board of Elections conducted a recount was in November, 2015 in a Greenon Local School Board race.

“This is proof that every vote counts,” said Jason Baker, Director of the Clark County Board of Elections.

“I feel bad for Chris,” said Cobb, “but I will work to regain the trust of the citizens.” Cobb said he was ready to go to work and hold the city accountable for what they promised.

“It was a good run,” said Shamy. “I want to congratulate Ron on his victory.”

“I would like to congratulate Mr. Cobb,” said City Manager Randy Bridge. “I’m looking forward to working with all new council members.”

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