Clark County Sheriff Deputy Jacob Shaw has returned to road patrol.

Chief Deputy Jeff Meyer confirmed that Shaw was assigned to road patrol on July 30, 2018. “He has been assigned to a field training officer for 10 weeks,” said Meyer.

Shaw's initial road patrol training was limited to three weeks according to records.

Shaw was seen in New Carlisle on Sunday evening.

On Labor Day, 2017, Shaw shot New Carlisle News photographer and editor Andy Grimm on the lot of Studebaker’s Restaurant without warning. Shaw claimed that he was being ambushed as Grimm was in the process of removing a tripod from the back seat of his Jeep Wrangler. Shaw fired two shots without warning, in which one grazed Grimm's left shoulder and the other penetrated below his ribs. Grimm was taken to Miami Valley Hospital for surgery and was released the next day. His physical wounds are healing, but serious psychological wounds remain.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, an arm of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, investigated the shooting and interviewed a number of deputies who had responded. Several of those deputies interviewed stated that they had warned Grimm of his behavior at incidents over the past few years, but provided no evidence to investigators of such warnings.

Neither Grimm, nor anyone else associated with the New Carlisle News have received any complaints from anyone at the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. The Department has yet to provide any evidence supporting their claims of Grimm as a threat or a nuisance.

Based on the evidence presented them by BCI, a Grand Jury decided not to indict Shaw for the shooting.

Meyer was not aware of the results of an internal investigation, nor was he aware if any investigation had been concluded.

“A position came open, and Shaw was next in line based on seniority,” said Meyer. “According to our contract with the deputies, we had to give the position to him.”

Grimm would not comment citing an ongoing civil litigation in federal court.

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