Colleen Harris who has helped the City of New Carlisle through some very difficult financial times in recent years has elected to say goodbye to the city and move on to a new position as finance Director for the Village of Yellow Springs in nearby Greene County.

Harris served the city for just about 8 years working both part time and then full time. She worked with former Mayor Lowell McGlothin who now serves as a Clark County Commissioner. McGlothin fondly recalled how Harris helped the city through a difficult financial time recently. “She has done a terrific job for the city and is one of the best people I have known” said McGlothin.

City Manager Randy Bridge also praised Harris for her service to the city and recognized what a valuable asset she was when he became the City Manager and they worked with the elected officials to get the city back on track financially.

“She has been fantastic” said Bridge. “She helped to guide the city to where we are today” he said. Bridge noted the amount of work that Harris has done during her time with the city and the fact that he and the others who work for the city will be sad to see her leave.

Everyone we spoke with wished Harris much success and happiness in her new position. She will be splitting her time between New Carlisle and Yellow Springs for the next couple of months to allow the city to select her replacement. She acknowledged that she has enjoyed working with the community and the people there.

The city is currently accepting applications for her replacement.

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