Apparently the interview of the heroin addicts has touched a creative nerve among the inmates at the jail. First I interviewed the three inmates about the costs of heroin, meth, and cocaine. Then I had the 50 year old inmate who wrote two letters to my readers about the life of a drug addict. Now I have a poem given to me by another 50 year old lifelong drug addict who has 9 numbers so far (A number for each time they go to prison). Other inmates are telling me they also want to write something for the paper, we will see how many actually carry through.

The person who wrote this week’s missive has his 26 year old son in the same Pod, also on drug related charges. At first there was tension between the two men but I think they have come to know each other better since both are physically clean of the effects of drugs. Now if you have learned anything from this series, it is that being physically clean does not mean mentally clean. Many users who have been off the drugs or alcohol for a year or more resume their old ways as soon as they get out.

So here is Papa’s poem that he wrote while inside.


Now here I sit all alone. Trying to see where I went wrong.
This stuff called heroin led me astray, left my mind all fuzzy and gray
I played a well tuned instrument, the needle and spoon, I thought I could play just a little tune
Now my arms look like roadmaps as you can see, this stuff called heroin won’t let me be.
Are you sure you want to play with me?
I see my family all passing by, how I wish they’d stop just to say “Hi”. But it’s too late as you can see. They have all just let me be.
This stuff they call heroin still torments me today, took my best friend, just took him away
Now I’m on my knees as you can see, I pray to god this stuff called heroin will let me be.
I told you my story, I told you today, this stuff called heroin led me astray. Left my mind all fuzzy and gray.
Now if you haven’t caught on to these clues, I’ve given to you, I will just have to say it to you
This is the stuff they call “The heroin junkie blues.”
First Group 2x2
First Group 2x2
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