A bad attitude is like having a flat tire.........you can’t go anywhere with it. It all begins in our minds. It is what we give power to that has the power over us. It can because we have been hurt, it could be because of some bad luck, or simply some decision we made that had a bad consequence. No matter what has caused it, a bad attitude will keep us from achieving our dreams, keep us from important relationships with family and friends, keep us from being productive in our jobs, and most important, from happiness and peace of mind.

 Some days can be bitter, some worse, but we need to look for the blessings, instead of the curse. We need to remain positive, stay strong and get plenty of rest. We need not to think of a dilemma too much, because a relaxed mind will bring better answers.

Time will allow things to fall into place. A calm attitude yields best results. When life gives you every reason to be negative.......think of all the reasons to be positive.....there is always someone worse. Some people want to play victim to the circumstances they have created. They need to own what has happened before their attitude can change. Before we say hurtful things with our bad attitude, we need to think first of how we would like someone saying that to us, and treating us unkind. What you give is usually what you get back. I think we all need to think what is really important and what is not.

Then we need to have the courage to build our life around it.

 We were all born with the ability to change our life, our outlook on how we handle our life, and certainly our attitude towards all of it. We have free will on how we make our life happy. After all, happiness is what we make. It is a chosen state of mind. We were also born with the ability to make others’ lives better, we need not to waste it. So in closing, I hope your attitude is a positive one, and you find happiness. I hope you make the most of what you have and pay some good forward to others. You will be glad you did. MAKE SOMEONE SMILE TODAY !!!!

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