You can be the person that they are glad they know, but you do not have to be well known to all. We were born with the ability to change someone’s life. We should never take that for granted and waste the time we have to use it. No matter how educated , talented, rich or cool we think we are. It is how we treat people ultimately that tells all. INTEGRITY IS EVERYTHING.

 Sometimes all people need is someone to simply be there, not to fix anything in particular, but just there to let them that they are cared for and supported. We can be that person they remember was there when no one else was. We can be their support and help with life’s hard knocks. We can be that person that they will always remember because of our kindness and time we were there for them. We can be that person that they are glad that they have had in their life. We can be the person they are glad to have known.

 It seems in these present times, people are few and far between that want to take the time for anyone else other than themselves. We need to change this world by taking the time for others. We are all this planet together, so why not try to make harmony for all. We can show our children examples of caring and kindness. Children can become what they see and watch.

 The best well known that I would want to be would be to be well known for my caring and kindness. We can all learn to create a world where everyone looks out for each other, giving care and compassion for anyone in need. SO IN CLOSING, be the person that they will never forget. Pay your good forward, you will be glad you did.

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