It is hopefully going to be spring soon, and it is time for cleaning out all the clutter from the winter.

It is amazing all the things that we accumulate over the winter, let alone years. It is something that we certainly don’t look forward to doing, but we can get things more organized, and get rid of things that serve no purpose anymore. All these things we think we needed have kept things cluttered.

This certainly can be an issue in our personal life as well.

We have so many things that need to be done which make it hard to concentrate on one thing at a time. We have great plans, but yet we get side tracked. Have you ever started cleaning out one closet, and before you know it, you have four of them torn apart. When you start in the hallway closet, and then you take something from there to the bathroom closet, and then you start tearing that apart??? Before you know it, you are in the bedroom taking that closet apart, thinking that you might need more shelves, so you find yourself running to the store to get more shelving units.

While you are at the store, you find some lights you want for the kitchen, so you now have a new project for that room. You take everything back home, now with three closets torn apart, soon to forget where you even started.

We seem to do that in our every day personal lives as well. We spread ourselves too thin at times, We try to do good at work, help support a friend in need, then take care of the house, work on the children’s homework, feed all the animals,,,,,,,but yet don’t take care of ourselves. It should all start with the most important task at hand, and that is ourself!!! We need to do whatever it takes to make ourselves be physically and mentally well, and then everything else will be easier to handle.

We need to start with cleaning out the things in our home and in ourselves that are most important first, and all other will fall into place. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy, we create more messes than we need to. So many people have such big hearts and go out of their way to take care of others, and forget to take care of themselves.

We all look forward to a great new Spring and Summer, and want to get rid of all the clutter. So when you start your spring cleaning, start one task at a time. But in all of your cleaning, both in home, and spirit, always take time for the most important thing of all and that is you.

And in each and everyday, take time to pay some good forward, you will be glad you did. I think showing some kindness for others is a very good way to nurture your own spirit!!! Make someone smile today.

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