Modern Moons

Early November evenings find us looking out on bare fields, glimpsing a herd of deer as they make for the far tree line and wondering if we should cover late bloomers and lettuce in case frost comes creeping over the land under the cover of darkness. Even though October ended much warmer than usual, November is its own month with temperatures lowering, like cattle settling in for the night.

Charts can be helpful for locating frost/freeze lines across the state. Most have the chances increasing from zero (summer months) to 60% by the first week of November to 90% as we move through the month. However, with increased cloudiness predicted for most of the month, frost/freeze likelihood is reduced somewhat.

National weather temperatures are officially taken at five feet above ground level. When frost occurs the ground level temperature may be much colder than five feet in the air. Early morning temperature on the window thermometer (about five feet up) may read 36-38 degrees, while the ground temp is 32 degrees and white sparkling frost coats the yards.

Native Americans appropriately named the full moon Frost Moon. Others called it Buck Moon or Beaver Moon. It is rutting season for white-tailed deer and beaver traps were set before waterways froze over. Hunting season for fur bearing animals began in earnest. Today’s full moon might be called Last Bloom Moon, as colorful hardy zinnias and other annuals still stand as bright spots in the gardens. Because of increased meteor shower activity and a larger than normal looking moon, this month’s full moon might be named Bright Sky Moon.


Charts may have their place in predicting weather for the state, but not much good comes from viewing them in regards to the Greengate land. One chart actually splits the yard and garden into a no-freeze and a freeze zone. So, rather than take a chance on the fall crops of peas and lettuce getting frozen, we work each evening at covering them. This chore goes much quicker and easier when Mr. Greengate helps, however, a sort of grumbling, coughing can be heard. He would rather discuss the merits of purchasing a new garage. Not building one, just buying one in a box. This idea has come from the bait shop where most fishing companions now have a boat to put away for winter. A local sports store has the do-it-yourself garage/boat storage kit on sale. The ad is quietly laid on the counter where one can glance at this questionable idea. We have no boat.

Outside the Yard

If your interest is in the latest food trends, head for northern Ohio where Fabulous Food Show Cleveland will be held November 11-13th. Location is the Cleveland l-X Center, 6200 Riverside Drive, Cleveland. Celebrity chefs will grill for the crowds, showing off their latest techniques. There is even a meet and greet autograph session for all those popular chefs. Go to for more info and ticket purchase.

If you are interested in sky-oriented happenings, find a spot away from city lights, set up your telescope, view meteor showers such as the Northern Taurids or the Leonids Shower which will be at its finest about the 11th of the month. Also coming November 14th, a Supermoon which occurs only when the moon comes its closest to the earth. (Last time was January, 1948)

Southern Ohio residents may want to attend Pickaway County Flea Market, at the fairgrounds, on November 5 & 6. Located in Circleville, Ohio, it is one of the largest gatherings of vendors during the year. An Arts & Crafts Bazaar will be held at the fairgrounds the following Saturday, November 12.

Word of the Month

Squall: Unsettled, disturbance, tempest, cloudburst. Expect November weather to contain days of rain and snow squalls.

Quote of the Month

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Aesop

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