Many of us like to make our purchases from stores that sell products that are produced locally whether it’s furniture, produce for the table or plants for around the home. Sometimes it doesn’t seem to matter but it makes us feel like we are helping the local economy when we do purchase from merchants that offer locally made items. Sweet corn purchased right from the farmer generally assures us that it will be really good, and seldom are we disappointed!

In this gardening column we primarily talk about plants for the landscape but this is the time of year when houseplants take on new interest so let’s think about one of the plants that has a lot of interest at this time of the year…..the poinsettia. Back in the 1800’s Joel Poinsett was the US Ambassador to Mexico where he found this interesting red flowering plant and brought it back to America. It’s all history now and many new varieties have been developed by breeding from the original plant he found. In addition to the familiar red poinsettia we have white, pink, burgundy, speckled, yellow and there is even a safe spray paint so we can make them almost any color by painting them.

Here are some reasons to consider purchasing your poinsettias from a local greenhouse or florist vs one of the box or discount stores.

They are grown locally and not shipped for hundreds of miles

Local plants come from a bright greenhouse, never put in cartons and left in a dark, cool store room

The plants were never crowded while they were growing so the plants are very full

Protection is provided with a plastic or paper sleeve when you take them home from the local greenhouse or florist

These fresh, locally grown plants last longer when cared for according to the “Care Sheet” provided.

When the consumer follows the directions for plant care in the home, poinsettia plants will do very well throughout the winter and many times until Easter and beyond. (go to: for poinsettia care.) Remember, plants improve the indoor environment where we live. Find a good local florist or greenhouse and enjoy some healthy plants for the holiday and beyond.

Are you up for a challenge? Keep your poinsettia and try growing it through the summer and have a huge plant for next Christmas. Your poinsettia can be planted out in your yard for the summer and will do well in full sun, some water when it gets dry and a steady diet of plant food. The challenge begins about the middle of September. If you are interested in giving this a try contact us for some tips that will help you with this challenge. If you can involve your children this is a great thing to work on together.

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